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Edu Brain - Non-public psychological and pedagogical counseling center encourages the development and overcomes difficulties.


Our office was created for those who would like to be more effective at school, at the university or on the job market, but also for everyone who would like to function better in their everyday life. We are capable of supporting you in the realization of your plans and dreams by the maximization of your brain potential.


We focus on modern methods – we offer you the EEG Biofeedback therapies which are enhancing concentration, stimulating memory and reducing stress.


Children and adolescents having specific learning difficulties are most welcome in our office.

The team of specialists working with us provides the complex perspective on your child's problem and the adequate diagnosis facilitates the choice of the best therapy.

Our aim is to offer diverse forms of activities, including those based on the modern neurotechnology solutions.


Our offer for the English-speaking covers:

Brain's developing courses for everyone regardless of age:

  • EEG Biofeedback - diagnosis and therapy


Diverse forms of activities for persons with the risk of dyslexia and also to persons diagnosed with this disorder:

  • Warnke Method - diagnosis and therapy

  • EEG Biofeedback - diagnosis and therapy

  • Sensory Integration - diagnosis and therapy



EEG Biofeeback - diagnosis and therapy 

We are aware that nowadays we have to keep up with very high standards.

Your progress and your future depend on brain’s condition.

The EEG Biofeedback therapy enhances concentration, stimulates memory and reduces stress.


The EEG Biofeedback therapies are also dedicated to the persons in difficult personal or professional situation, suffering stress which makes it impossible to function normally.

We can help you in the difficult and stressful moments of your life.


Biofeedback Method is a kind of therapy, thanks to which the patient learns to consciously change the pattern of brainwaves, so that the brain could work faster and more efficiently. Owing to the feed back, the patient knows when they are focused and when they stop concentrating. It helps learn the reactions of one’s own brain and modify its work so that it functions more efficiently.


EEG Biofeedback is commonly known as “the Therapy of the 21st century”. This method, by enabling the brain therapy, increases concentration, facilitates learning and remembering new material faster, helps to relax properly and to cope better in difficult situations, stimulates creativity and positive thinking.


Brain therapy can be very interesting and intriguing, and its effects may surprise you. The effort you put in, the money and time you spend will be quickly compensated in the form of noticeable effects.

Warnke Method - diagnosis and therapy

The Warnke Method is dedicated for children and adolescents with dyslexia, that is with learning difficulties. The therapy is directed at the improvement of functions responsible for learning how to read and write.

The Warnke Method is a complex therapy using the multi-directional impact, in order to enhance not only visual and auditory functions, but also motility functions.

The therapy is conducted with the use of precise medical equipment.

During the first visit, the parents and the child are familiarized with the method and the therapy process. Then, a specialist diagnostic test takes place, on the basis of which the program of an individual training is being set.

The Warnke Method is composed of two stages. The goal of the first one is to remove the irregularities in the area of basic functions. This stage of therapy is two-dimensional. It comprises the work with a therapist in the office and individual trainings at home.

The child reaches the second stage when they accomplish the established goals. This stage is to strengthen and facilitate the interhemispheric communication. This stage of therapy takes place only during the appointments with the therapist. By the end of the therapy, the achieved effects are being summarized.


The therapy method is very attractive. Especially for young patients, who feel at ease in the world of visual and sound effects, and computer games, in which they can verify their skills. This form of activities is judged much more interesting than others proposed so far.


The basic advantage of the method is the concentration on the causes, not on the symptoms of the problem, which ensures a lasting improvement.


Sensory Integration - diagnosis and therapy 

The course of sensory integration is dedicated to kindergarten and school children with sensory processing integration disorder.

Symptoms of the disorder cover knowledge acquiring and weak concentration problems, as well as speech development and language skills delay. Children with sensory integration disorder may be characterized by motility skills development delay (small and large motility), too high or too low level of activity, hyposensitivity or hypersensitivity to touch, movement, visual and auditory stimuli, and poor organization and activity planning.

Sensory integration therapy is a therapy conducted individually /one child one therapist/ in a specially adapted therapeutic room.




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